It happened during Thursday morning rush hour.
Credit: Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images

A commuter train derailment near Milan, Italy, killed at least three people, according to Italian officials.

A Trenord train with about 250 people aboard derailed during its journey from Cremona to Milan's Porta Garibaldi station during Thursday morning rush hour, the BBC reports. At least three people died and 13 more were hospitalized for significant injuries, Reuters reports. The victims' identities have not been released, but Italian media has reported that all three of the passengers who died were women, according to the BBC.

Trenord officials said the train was traveling at normal speed when it derailed about 13 miles outside Milan, near the Pioltello Limito station, Reuters reports. Officials noticed some track structural issues in the aftermath of the incident, but it remains unclear whether they caused the accident or resulted from it, according to the report.

About 100 passengers who were rescued from the wreckage sustained minor injuries and were sheltered at a nearby gymnasium, according to Reuters. The accident also disrupted rail travel in the area for several hours.

A train accident in the U.S. made headlines last month, when an Amtrak train traveling from Seattle to Portland derailed south of Tacoma, Washington, dramatically plunging off the tracks and onto the highway below, killing multiple passengers. The train was reportedly moving at 81 miles per hour in 30 miles-per-hour zone at the time of the accident.