By Cailey Rizzo
December 04, 2019
Credit: Getty Images

Locals in a beachside town in Australia are furious after having to clean away rude rock graffiti from their sands.

Photos from Granite Bay in Noosa National Park, Queensland, show sands covered in messages written out in rock. Some of the messages spell out places like, “Noosa” or “Poland” but others read, “Send Nudes” or outlined a certain part of the male anatomy.

“There were 10 of us putting the rocks back to their Natural Zone,” Dennis Massoud, who organized a beach clean-up, wrote on Facebook. “Still a lot more work to go.”

Social media users commented on Massoud’s post, calling the rock graffiti “disgusting” and an “eyesore.”

“There is nothing more ugly than seeing all that rock graffiti strewn across the pristine Granite Bay,” one commenter wrote. “Your perseverance will win out to raise people’s awareness that nature needs to be left alone.”

While the stones may seem like a harmless way to interact with nature, a beach is a fragile ecosystem that is easily tampered with.

Last year, tourists in the Scottish Highlands began “stacking stones,” which seems like a calm and meditative way to connect with nature and Gaelic culture — but is actually eroding the coastline on the Isle of Skye. Locals went on a campaign to disassemble to stone stacks and began posting signs, asking visitors not to build them.