Harrison Ford Made a Very Relatable Travel Mistake in Sicily — but a Kind Tourist Saved the Day

Even Indiana Jones sometimes loses track of his belongings on the road.

Action movie stars... they really are just like us! Harrison Ford was in Sicily to film the latest Indiana Jones installment when he lost his credit card on Thursday. Thankfully a good samaritan spotted it and turned it in to the authorities, reuniting the Oscar nominee with his missing item, CNN reported.

A German tourist vacationing on the Italian island spotted the lost credit card in Mondello, a beach town near Palermo. Seeing the famous actor's name emblazoned across the black card, the honest traveler took it to the local police.

US actor Harrison Ford takes part in the IUCN World Conservation Congress on September 3, 2021, in Marseille
LUDOVIC MARIN/AFP via Getty Images

That sent the Mondello authorities on a bit of a treasure hunt, figuring out where the actor had been staying during his low-key visit to keep his privacy. But they quickly figured it out and tracked the 79-year-old actor down.

"When the police officer and two policemen showed him and returned his belongings, the actor smiled, relieved of all the prevented damage and happy to know a place as beautiful as it is honest," the police said in a statement. "The meeting with the policemen was sealed with a photo that will be jealously kept by all the protagonists of the story."

Local media obtained the photo of the two uniformed officers and another in a suit flanking Ford — dressed in a black T-shirt and patterned swim trunks — holding his card, surprisingly face out with the Mastercard logo on the plastic showing.

Ford is reportedly in town to shoot scenes for the action series' fifth film — currently being referred to simply as "Indiana Jones 5" — due out on July 29, 2022. Production began earlier this year in the UK at Pinewood Studios near London Heathrow, as well as at other sites around England. In late June, Ford suffered a shoulder injury during rehearsal for a fight scene, and the schedule was adjusted to allow for his recovery, Deadline reported at the time.

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