Fiona the Hippo has some cute competition north of the border.


This rhino is having so much fun, he doesn’t even need a rubber ducky.

A baby rhino who was born on Jan. 4 at the Toronto Zoo was caught on video enjoying a soothing shower at just one week old.

According to the zoo’s video description, the rhino, who has yet to be named, took his first bath at four days old on Jan. 8, but was a little scared of the water and was startled by his mom splashing him.

But now, as we can all see, he’s clearly not shy about getting in and dancing around like the rest of us during shower time. Now he has to figure out what song is his go-to shower karaoke pick.

The internet has already fallen in love with the little guy. He’s well on his way to becoming the next Fiona the Hippo.

All we need now is more videos. Preferably with bath toys.