A tornado in southern Italy on Monday night left at least eight people injured.

Destruction was centered around the town of Caserta, near Naples, which sustained winds of up to 136 miles per hour, according to The Local.

Ansa, an Italian newswire, as translated by The Local, reported that one of the worst hit areas was San Nicola la Strada, about a mile south of Caserta, where all eight injuries occurred.

In San Nicola la Strada, a large sign for a local Burger King was taken down by the strong winds and had fallen on some parked cars. Luckily, no one was injured by the fallen sign.

Local Italian news site CasertaNews reported there were trucks overturned at gas stations, as well as vehicles thrown across the highways, obstructing traffic.

Although tornados are not completely uncommon in Italy, the European country's tornado season is typically in October and November, according researchers at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.