If a new four-legged friend is about to enter your life you’ve got a few things on your to-do list: buy a dog bed, pick out a dog food brand, buy a boatload of toys, and oh yeah, think about a name.

That last one is extremely important because remember, you’ll be screaming it for the next 10 years as you say “down!,” “no!” and “don’t eat that!” Ahhh, the joys of being a pet parent.

If you need a little help thinking of the perfect name for your new baby bear is here to help. The pet sitting website released its list of the top 100 most popular dog names of 2018. And, like human children, it turns out people are heavily influenced by both pop culture and tradition when it comes to naming their pets.

According to Rover, retro names are making a big comeback, with names Minnie, Pearl, Willie and Fred jumping 17 percent this year.

People are also clearly obsessed with Fortnite with names including Zoey, Lucky, Rex, and Ranger, jumping 16 percent.

Musically-inspired names also made a big leap with the use of Cardi jumping 1,250 percent, Freddie Mercury up 67 percent, and Gambino up 190 percent.

Of course, the royal family made an enormous impact on both the world and pet names this year thanks to the birth of the newest prince and the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Dogs named after the royal family went up by 11 percent this year with names including Sophie, George, Prince, and Charlotte. But, Meghan and Harry saw the biggest leap, with the use of Meghan up 133 percent and Harry up 129 percent.

Still, the old favorites reigned supreme. The top 10 female dog names of 2018 include classics like, Bella, Luna, Lucy, Daisy, Lola, Sadie, Molly, Bailey, Stella and Maggie. For boys, its Max, Charlie, Cooper, Buddy, Jack, Rocky, Duke, Bear, Oliver and Tucker.

But really, no matter what you name them you’re going to give them a nickname within the first day of bringing them home. Still, if you need ideas check out the complete list of top 100 dog names on