This very, very cozy cottage is for sale.

By Andrea Romano
February 22, 2018
The Mather Partnership / SWNS

If you’re looking for the perfect, cozy hideaway, we’ve got just the right home for you. Emphasis on cozy.

One of Britain’s narrowest homes, known as The Doll’s House, which only measures just 9 feet wide, is now on sale for £225,000 (about $315,000).

The cottage has been functioning as a vacation home for holidaymakers for the last year, but now it’s up for sale for anyone who isn’t looking for wide open spaces.

The Mather Partnership / SWNS

Within its tiny, 339 square feet of floor space, the cottage managed to include one bedroom, two reception rooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom (but there’s only a shower). The dining area even has a murphy table that folds down from the wall — because a regular table would take up too much space.

But the itsy bitsy home comes with some big neighborhood perks. Located in the village of Porthleven, Cornwall, the home’s future owner can look forward to gorgeous views of the sea and harbor, including a lovely watchtower and a beach.

The Mather Partnership / SWNS

The home looks like it easily fits full sized furniture like couches, a bed, some little bookshelves and even has a fairly spacious kitchen (given the total space of the house). It’s definitely not for people who like to save a lot of stuff.

Luckily, even if you can’t afford to buy the home, you can still rent it for the time being. A week’s stay priced between £245 and £515 ($342 and $720 USD).

More information on the house can be found on the Cornish Cottages website.