This TikTok Star Says a KFC Is One of the Best Spots to View the Pyramids in Egypt — and She's Not Wrong

It is a rather impressive rooftop.

Tourists ride camels to view the Giza Pyramids in Giza, Egypt, on Oct. 21, 2021.
Photo: Wang Dongzhen/Xinhua via Getty Images

TikTok has become the place to not only find hilarious videos but to also find some rather useful life hacks. And that includes a few ingenious travel tips as well.

Take, for example, TikTok traveler and travel blogger Kimmie Conner, who recently shared her epic tip for getting the best view of Egypt's Pyramid of Giza.

"This is the most ridiculous Giza Pyramid hack you will ever hear," Conner said in the opening of her video.

She goes on to explain: Outside the exit to the Pyramids of Giza, there is a Pizza Hut and KFC combination restaurant. Guests can go in and order food, of course — but don't stop on the main floor. As Conner suggests, go all the way upstairs for a rooftop experience unlike any other.

"Sure there are other rooftops around, but this one is completely empty and you can have it all to yourself, just you and your Zinger," she said in the video, showing off the view and the fact that she has the rooftop experience all to herself. "It is the most ridiculous place you will ever have a KFC."

Conner added, "Just buying one burger is a lot cheaper than paying for the other views or for taxis or camels."

As of Nov. 10, her video has amassed more than 1.4 million views and 240,500 likes. The video also has thousands of comments, a few of which inquire if Conner tried other stops. In one reply she noted, "There are local restaurants too but they're pretty expensive. We went to one for sunset but here for lunch for a cheap meal and a laugh."

Another TikTok user commented, you can also visit the same Pizza Hut at night to watch the light show from the roof as well, all for just the cost of a piece of fried chicken.

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