A snake wrangler had to be called in.
australian tiger snake
Credit: kristianbell/Getty Images

A major intersection in Melbourne, Australia, drew crowds this week when a deadly tiger snake was found slithering around the area at lunchtime.

The snake was spotted coming out of a gutter on the corner of Spencer and Collins streets, leading police to cordon off part of the bustling street.

Crowds gathered to observe the rare sighting.

“While City of Melbourne park rangers regularly respond to reports of snakes in some of our parks, this is the first sighting of a venomous snake in the central CBS in recent memory,” city officials said in the statement.

Barry Goldsmith of Snake Catcher Victoria was called in and managed to secure the stray reptile, stating in the video below that the snake could have “hitchhiked” to the area by crawling into a car or might have come up the Yarra River through drains.

"They do show up occasionally. They hitch hike in cars. It happens quite a lot," Goldsmith said.

He added, "It’s not very often they come right into the CBD (central business district), but they do live around here; they eat mice and rats and we’re swamped with (them) at the moment."

Since the snake appeared to have an injury, Goldsmith brought it to a vet, where it's expected to make a full recovery.

While tiger snakes are typically associated with wet environments, they are one of the few venomous snakes in Australia able to climb on both vegetation and manmade structures, according to representatives of the Australian Museum, and have been spotted as high as some 32 feet off of the ground.