Snowy cars in a parking lot
Credit: Getty Images

As another snowstorm hits the U.S. from Texas to Maine, plenty of people are waking up to cars covered in ice.

However, some people in southern states, especially Texas, aren’t quite used to this little hiccup in their commute. Therefore, many Texans seem to be missing one essential winter household item: the ever-useful ice scraper.

Having no use for ice scrapers on any normal day, this snowstorm has forced Texans to improvise on de-icing their cars with spatulas, plastic gift cards, keychains, and plastic hangers.

Some of the results are effective, and pretty hilarious to people who live in colder states.

Some ingenious Texans also used things like vodka or alcohol solutions to melt the ice.

And some helpful Twitter users were quick to warn people to never dump hot water on their cars, since the sudden change in temperature could cause their windshields to crack.

If you find yourself stuck with a frozen car windshield in the storm, there is actually a very quick way to defrost it without makeshift scrapers.

Fill a spray bottle with two-thirds rubbing alcohol and one-third water, and simply keep this solution in your car. You’ll be frost free and ready to go in a matter of minutes any time your car windows need to be cleared.

Plus, it’s less likely to damage your window than scraping it with a random object.