By Cailey Rizzo
May 11, 2018
Credit: Courtesy of Innovation Imperative

The Tetra Hotel may not yet have a location, but that isn't stopping us from wanting to book a stay. Engineering firm WSP has proposed a new concept for a hotel: about 42 free-standing futuristic concrete pods in some of the world’s most magnificent remote locations.

Instead of hotel rooms, guests at the Tetra Hotel would stay in multi-story, 62-foot-tall, triangular pods. The topmost floor has a skylight with a bed directly underneath it. On the next level is a bathroom with shower. Another platform functions as the living room with a couch and the bottommost level is an office with a full desk.

Credit: Courtesy of Innovation Imperative

Guests could congregate in the glass-encased common areas for unobstructed views of whatever landscape the hotel decides to install itself in. The common areas of the hotel (or group of pods) are meant to be extremely versatile and could house bars, restaurants, shops, exhibitions or fairs.

The firm is considering locations in Cape Verde, Norway, Canada, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Hungary, and the U.K.. The first location will be revealed this summer, and there are plans to create more Tetra Hotels later./p>

Credit: Courtesy of Innovation Imperative

The pods are designed to be easily built in remote locations using local materials. The structure will be carbon neutral with an emphasis on sustainable agriculture and forest management.

The pods are based off of the architect David Ajasa-Adekunle’s TetraShed modular office concept, which advertised itself as a cost-effective and easily-constructed pyramidal work space.