By Andrea Romano
August 21, 2018
Credit: Tom Kahler

Finding the right camping spot can be rough. Literally. Between the rocky terrain and pests on the ground, the best spot can be a time consuming task that many campers would rather skip. But U.K. based tent company, Tentsile, makes things easier with their line of comfortable tree tents.

Now, they’re introducing a new model that lets campers take their outdoor abodes right out on the water.

Tentsile, known for hangable, stackable tents that you can attach to trees for a comfortable camping spot, has a new design coming in February 2019: the Tentsile Universe.

According to Gear Junkie, the “three-element” shelter works on the land, in the trees, or on the water with an insulated, air-filled floor that allows the tent to float on water.

However, Tentsile recommends using it as a raft only, and not sleeping in the tent on the water. Being on the water in the middle of the night is dangerous, campers. Besides, the insulated floor makes it comfortable to sleep on the ground as well as in the trees.

Besides that, the Universe pretty much lives up to its name. It holds up to 880 pounds, and has 100 square feet of floor space and five feet of head space.

Until the Universe is released, Tentsile has a range of other tree tents that are perfect for all kinds of campers, including some that double as hammocks.