By Cailey Rizzo
March 07, 2019

In school, we are all taught to read the fine print. Or at least read all the way through agreements before signing off. But, as adults, confronted with lines upon lines of text, our eyes glaze over, we assume it’s all just irrelevant legal jargon and we sign away without knowing what exactly we’re signing.

But never again — we’ve learned a lesson. A teacher won $10,000 last month simply by reading the fine print.

Donelan Andrews — a teacher of home economics and family consumer science — was looking through the policy information of a travel insurance plan for an upcoming trip. She was seven pages deep into the information when she came across the sentence, “If you’ve read this far, then you are one of the very few Tin Leg customers to review all of their policy documentation.”

Credit: Courtesy of Squaremouth

SquareMouth, a travel insurance company, devised a clever contest hidden within the fine print of its policy documentation launched on Feb. 11. Within 23 hours of the secret launch, Andrews contacted SquareMouth to say that she found their secret message and she was rewarded with a $10,000 prize.

Credit: Courtesy of Squaremouth

In addition to Andrews’ prize money, the company also donated $10,000 to a children’s literacy charity and $5,000 each to the two schools where Andrews teaches.

“This has always been close to my heart because of my background,” Andrews said in a statement. “I always read every contract I sign. It really paid off for me this time!”

Andrews can be especially proud knowing that 65 people “read” and signed the exact same contract before her and didn’t notice the hidden prize.

Andrews said that she will use part of the prize money to fund a trip to Scotland with her husband to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary.