October Snow
Credit: MLADEN ANTONOV/Getty Images

With the exception of a day here and there, the overall weather pattern will remain chilly in the northeastern United States with opportunities for snow through the end of October.

Typical highs in late October range from the upper 40s F in northern Maine to near 60 F in New York City and the middle 60s F in southeastern Virginia. Temperatures much of this week will average 10-15 degrees Fahrenheit below normal. With extensive cloud cover and gusty winds, AccuWeather RealFeel® Temperatures will dip into the teens, 20s and 30s at times.

The pattern will bring snow showers over the Great Lakes and and may bring steady snow in parts of the central and northern Appalachians and perhaps closer to the coast, depending on the formation, track and strength of two storms.

The most significant blast of chilly air so far this season brought snow showers for the first time this autumn to many areas from the Upper Midwest to the interior Northeast this past weekend.

Much of the region will get a little break from the harsh cold, wind, rain and snow showers on Monday. After a cold start, temperatures will moderate in the afternoon.

Potential for heavy snow to target northern New England at midweek

A reinforcing burst of chilly air will race southeastward from north-central Canada during the first part of this week. Expect snow showers to accompany the Canadian air as it rolls from the upper Great Lakes late Monday and Monday night to the lower Great Lakes on Tuesday.

A weak storm accompanying the chilly push may garner enough strength for an accumulating snowfall in parts of central and northern New England from Tuesday night to early Wednesday.

A period of steady, accumulating snow is most likely in the central and northern parts of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and northeastern New York state.

A period of steady, accumulating snow is most likely in the central and northern parts of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and northeastern New York state.

The heaviest snow will fall from northern Maine to northwestern New Brunswick eastern Quebec and southern Labrador, where a general 6-12 inches (15-30 centimeter) are forecast with locally higher amounts. In this area, snow will accumulate on some of the roads. The snow may cling to trees and weigh them down to the point where some branches may break and cause sporadic power outages.

A small accumulation of snow is possible in southern Vermont, northwestern Massachusetts and central New York state as well.

A small amount of snow may also fall on parts of northeastern New York state and western Massachusetts from the sneaky storm.

Since the storm will still be in its early stages on Tuesday evening, impacts on the first game of the World Series in Boston may be limited to cool air, a chilly breeze and spotty rain showers.

Another period of blustery conditions will accompany and follow the early to midweek chilly shot. While winds may not be as frisky as that of this past weekend, the air may feel and be every bit as cold.

A little lull in the winds and more sunshine may allow it to feel milder later this week.

However, it appears that the atmosphere may gear up for a large storm that has the potential to affect much of the East Coast this weekend into early next week.