Swiss Aerial team
Credit: Getty Images

The Swiss Aerial Team gave an accidental performance to a yodeling festival over the weekend because of a navigational error.

The Patrouille Suisse is the aerobatic team of the Swiss Air Force (basically the Swiss equivalent of the Blue Angels). They are known for their air shows and demonstrations which, according to their website, showcase “the performance capacity, precision and operational readiness of the Swiss Air Force.”

However, the planes haven’t had their onboard navigational equipment updated in more than 40 years. And this error caused the team to perform about four miles away from the intended location at a local yodel festival, according to Le Temps.

The team prepared for the mission by looking at a map. A measurement of one centimeter equates to about one kilometer, which takes about five seconds of flight time, military spokesman Daniel Reist told CNN.

The team was expected to perform at the centenary of Oskar Bide, a pioneering Swiss aviator. The planes were expected to fly for 15 minutes, accompanying a memorial service and musical entertainment.

The lead pilot apparently saw the yodeling festival on the ground and mistook it for their destination.

The performance was done with a fleet of Tiger F5 aircraft. ''The F5 is equipped with navigational instruments that are over 40 years old, they are not equipped with GPS or any other modern technology,” Reist told CNN. “This was a simple fly-over and not a military flight demonstration. For a simple fly-over we don't have any personnel on the ground assisting the pilot. However, after this incident we now are contemplating this for future fly-overs.”

The F5s are still in flight because of their popularity with spectators.

The right crowd or not, we're sure they still put on a great show.