By Andrea Romano
August 09, 2018
British Passport
Credit: Simon Belcher/Getty Images

Criminals can be awfully sketchy sometimes.

In the town of Folkestone, Kent, in the U.K., a man named Ian Sheppard was dismayed to find that his car had been broken into on Shorncliffe Road, according to a post by his daughter, Chara Farrant, on the We Love Folkestone Facebook page.

Luckily, nothing was actually stolen from Sheppard’s car and there was only minor damage, Metro reported. Instead, the vandal decided to spend their time doodling on Sheppard’s passport photo.

The doodle, with his bushy, long sideburns, goatee, and moustache, ended up making poor Sheppard looking like a Wooly Willy or a villain in a low-budget, 1970s cop movie. But that doesn’t make the picture any less hilarious.

“He wanted to get something out of his car and then realized the door had been jimmied open,” Farrant told Metro. “He checked over the car and nothing was gone – but then he had a look in his glove box and found somebody had doodled on his picture. When he showed me, I’ve never laughed so much.”

Luckily, Sheppard also thought the vandalism was funny, but probably only because there was limited damage done to the car.

Farrant calls the incident “Folkestone at its finest,” even if it was a "pointless" crime.

The suspect is still at large, though we’re not sure if Sheppard would actually press charges at this point. Maybe he'd just ask for a new, more flattering portrait instead.