The American Northeast is about to be pummeled by its fourth Nor'easter in just a few weeks. Seriously, this isn’t just any old storm. Winter Storm Toby is now expected to dump a whopping 15 inches of snow on New York City on Wednesday alone.

If all this terrible winter weather has you down we’ve got a solution: Go to Hawaii.

According to Thrifty Traveler, round-trip flights to Hawaii from Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco, and San Jose will only set you back $177 during April and May. Destination cities include Honolulu, Kona, Lihue, and Maui.

Flights from departure cities Denver, Portland, Seattle, and Las Vegas are running for a mere $245 to $282.

To book these stellar flight deals all you need to do is search via Google Flights, find the cheapest dates using the search engine’s nifty calendar (lowest prices in green) and book.

This is a remarkable deal when you consider that normal pricing for these flights, operated by Alaska Airlines, typically run closer to $900 round-rip.

Once you're there, you can hike through the state’s gorgeous parks, visit active volcanoes, paddle out into the waves along the North Shore of Oahu, or simply sit by the the crystal blue seashore and drink a frozen cocktail. Or maybe go crazy and do all of those things in one trip. It’s Hawaii after all; you really can do all that and more.