Americans Are Lying About How Amazing Their Vacations Are, Study Says (Video)

If you think your friend’s travel photos on Instagram look a little too perfect, you may be right.

A survey conducted by the flight-comparison site Jet Cost found that a significant number of U.S. travelers might be lying about how great their vacations are, Travel Pulse reported.

About two-thirds of the more than 4,000 survey respondents said that they have misrepresented how amazing their last getaway was, especially when it came to the weather, their accommodations, and the number of attractions they saw.

It seems the constant stream of postcard-perfect photos on Instagram — from both friends and influencers — could be making travelers feel like their actual vacation didn't measure up.

“With the modern pressures of social media, people feel as if they have to prove themselves to others, which is a shame,” a Jet Cost spokesperson told Travel Pulse. “But life isn’t a competition and just because someone says they’ve done something, doesn’t mean you’re less of a person for not having done it.”

A 2018 report revealed that more than half of U.S. workers haven’t taken a vacation in more than a year, mostly due to not being able to afford to getaway or fear of work piling up. It's possible that when they finally take a vacation, travelers feel extra pressure to make it seem amazing.

Survey respondents said that the most common reasons for lying about their vacations was to avoid embarrassment and to impress people by appearing well-traveled and worldly.

Travelers also said they lied about how much alcohol they drank, how much money they spent, and even how much they enjoyed the vacation overall. More than half of respondents said they wouldn’t tell anyone if the vacation was absolutely terrible. And 1 in 10 respondents admitted to posting a fake photo to make their trip seem more glamorous.

If you're feeling the pressure to exaggerate about your vacation, consider putting the phone away. A study from Expedia suggests avoiding social media and living in the moment to experience your vacation to the fullest.

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