You Can Now Spend the Night at the Iconic 'Field of Dreams' House

They built it.

Dyersville Iowa movie set of famous movie Field of Dreams baseball park movie
Photo: Bill Bachmann / Alamy Stock Photo

Live out your baseball dreams just like Ray Kinsella.

The iconic set from the movie "Field of Dreams" was built on the century-old Lansing family farm in Dyersville, Iowa, back in 1989 and has since become a popular tourist attraction for movie buffs.

While some damage has been done to the field due to vandalizers who clearly hate baseball and dreams alike, the property is perfectly maintained for travelers who want to relive the glory days of the greatest of all Great American Sports.

Now, the owners of the farm are offering something even better to the movie fans by opening up the house for overnight stays.

Guests to want to opt in on the "Kinsella Experience" will not only stay in the three-bedroom house that sleeps up to seven but also receive a "Field of Dreams" commemorative baseball, a bottle of wine plus two wine glasses and a picnic tablecloth, a DVD of the movie (with popcorn to enjoy it with), and actor Dwier Brown's (he played Kevin Costner's dad) book, "If You Build It."

Bookings can be made with or without exclusive access to the actual Field of Dreams field, available at an additional fee.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pretend you're Ray Kinsella summoning the legends of baseball's past. Besides being an excellent memento of movie history, the property is also a nice, quiet getaway for anyone exploring the Midwest.

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