The Moorish-style castle is arguably the most scenic lookout point on the island of St. Croix.

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Spend an evening browsing the shops of Christiansted or digging into fresh seafood at a local restaurant, and you're bound to meet a disproportionate amount of people who, after visiting St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands for vacation, decided to make it their permanent home.

Sure, logistics are on the Caribbean island's side — it's a U.S. territory so it's relatively simple for a citizen to pick up and move there — but in addition to the requisite pristine beaches, cheerful architecture, proud history, and budding culinary scene, newcomers seem to coexist more naturally with the locals in St. Croix than they do in many other expat destinations.

If that all sounds like a dream and you have a spare $12.8 million, no need to house hunt: We've already done it for you. Sitting on 102 acres of property on a mountain overlooking the island's yacht club, the Caribbean castle designed by Bulgarian Contessa Nadia Farber has 360-degree views of St. Croix and Buck Island, the reefs of which wowed John F. Kennedy so much he declared it a national monument in 1961.

The Moorish-style castle, which the countess shared with her husband, Sid Farber — and stayed in four months out of the year when she wasn't in Long Island, New York — has six bedrooms and six bathrooms and was the priciest property in the U.S. Virgin Islands when it hit the market for $15 million in 2016. So actually, under $13 million is a relative steal.

The all-white castle, Farber's very own dream home come to life, features oversized windows and tiered patios that might just be the best place on the entire island to watch a sunset. On St. Croix it is known simply as “The Castle.”

There is a pool, of course, and a separate three-bedroom cottage for visitors (or a gatekeeper, depending on how you roll). The lucky buyers will also have three acres of beachfront and a half-acre marina site to call their own, according to the listing on