Sometimes your in-flight entertainment doesn’t require headphones.

On a Ryanair flight from London Stansted to Kerry Airport in Ireland, a music class from St. Brendan's College in Killarney, Ireland, decided to entertain their fellow passengers with a classic Irish tune, USA Today reported.

The students sang the song “Step It Out Mary” by The High Kings, according to Jalopnik. Some students also played traditional Irish instruments for accompaniment.

Even though most people like to keep to themselves and enjoy a nice, quiet flight most of the time, it seems like fellow passengers didn’t seem to mind the free, live music. A video of the students was posted on YouTube, and has been viewed over 99,000 times at the time this article was written.

Ryanair also shared a clip of the students on its official Twitter account, saying the group “put on quite a show.”

Jalopnik noted that the flight was just a quick jaunt between England and Ireland, rather than a transatlantic flight. We can only imagine there could be one or two complaints if this were a long haul flight full of people trying to avoid jet lag.

Or, maybe it could have turned into an all-night Irish rager. You never know. Maybe next time, the class might try their luck on a longer flight and see if they can really get a party going.