By Andrea Romano
February 16, 2018

For many people, one of the best parts of the Olympics is seeing incredible athletic performances. But for Olympians, one of the best parts of the games has to be sampling the local food.

And sometimes, even the strangest sounding treats can really surprise you with how delicious they are.

The Jumunjin Fish Market, for example, in Gangneung, South Korea, has been extra busy since the Olympics rolled in to PyeongChang. And people have not been shy about expressing their love for one of the most popular desserts at the market: squid ink ice cream.

Ice cream innovation has been wildly popular for the last few years from rolled taco ice cream, to mountains of unusual toppings, to pizza ice cream, to even adding activated charcoal to the icy dessert. Humans are not deterred by anything when it comes to ice cream.

Squid ink is also quite a popular flavor addition in South Korea, as well as in many other countries. Fast food chains like Burger King and McDonalds even occasionally roll out seasonal promotions for squid ink hamburgers and other menu items.

American born chef Deuki Hong and food enthusiast Monica Lee visited the market to try out the ice cream found it delicious. Lee said that it actually tasted “more like chocolate.” According to Sports Illustrated, it tastes a little bit like “salted caramel.”