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Model Kate Bock in the 2018 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue
Model Kate Bock poses in the 2018 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, on sale now.
| Credit: Josie Clough/SPORTS ILLUSTRATED

As a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, Kate Bock has traveled the globe for countless photo shoots and become a very frequent flier. In the process, she’s learned a thing or two about how to pack light, which in-flight beauty essentials everyone should own, and of course which bathing suits to stock up on. Keep reading to learn all of her tips and tricks to looking and feeling your best from takeoff to landing.

Travel + Leisure: Do you have any routines to get you through long-haul flights?

Kate Bock: I always have a little in-flight travel case. I have my favorite lip balm, my own eye mask, my own face cream, my own under eye Shiseido correctors for when you get off and you have to go straight to work, sleeping pills, vitamins, I have everything. It’s always in my carry-on. Also if [the airline] has little travel kits on the plane I always steal a little mini toothbrush and toothpaste from it and brush my teeth when I land.

T+L: Speaking of carry-on bags, which one do you prefer?

K.B.: I have a leather weekender that I just leave half-packed. I leave space for a pair of jeans or a jacket if I need it. But it always has my extra cell phone charger with all the different connectors in case I have different plugs I need to plug into and my battery case for my phone. I actually love my Away luggage because it has the charger.

T+L: You know a thing or two about bathing suits. Do you have a favorite brand for women on the go?

K.B.: I always have a Solid & Striped, usually in one-piece and a bikini because the one-piece you can wear with jeans and is great for walking around, and bodysuits are so in. And I bring a bikini because you want to tan your tummy.

T+L: Where’s one place you could return to year after year and never get bored?

K.B.: I love Brazil. I went to Brazil for work and I went to an area called Trancoso and stayed at this hotel that was a luxury tree fort. And it was so cool. The food was amazing, it was super vibrant and colorful. I just had the best time. That hotel was Uxua. I would 100 percent go back.

T+L: What's a place you’ve never been that is still on your travel bucket list?

K.B.: I really want to go to on a safari pretty much anywhere in Africa. I don't know where the best places are, but I feel like everyone who comes back from safari says they have the most amazing time. I just want to see some animals in Africa.

T+L: Are you a roller or a folder when it comes to packing?

K.B.: I would go for rolling... you definitely get more space and you can see your things more easily.

T+L: Are you more into luxury travel or roughing it?

K.B.: I am a big workout girl so I would say I really love to base a good hotel on if they have a great gym because that really adds to my experience. So when a hotel has no gym or not a good gym I feel stranded. And, I mean, if there's a great spa that’s good too.

T+L: Do you have any travel traditions?

K.B.: I steal matchboxes from every place, city, restaurant, bar, anywhere. I just have a collection of matchboxes. And I love candles so I do use them often — I don't just use them for decoration — but I have matchboxes from everywhere.