“Only in Florida.”

Alligator crossing in Florida
Credit: Getty Images

There are a lot of reasons why a plane can get delayed. Between bad weather, runway traffic jams, and unruly passengers, lots of flights can have trouble keeping schedule.

Occasionally, even the animal kingdom can interfere with your takeoff or landing. And depending on where you are, this can mean encountering some unusual critters.

At Orlando International Airport on Monday, a Spirit Airlines flight had a near run-in with an alligator who was sauntering its way across the runway toward a pond.

Passenger Anthony Velardi, who posted a video of the reptile on Facebook, put it perfectly: “Only in Florida.”

The plane had just landed at MCO from Washington, D.C., according to Velardi. The flight had to wait about five minutes for the alligator to finish its casual stroll before it could continue to the gate, WPTV reported.

One passenger told NPR the pilot came on the overhead speaker, announcing, "Believe it or not there is a gator on the runway and we are waiting for it to cross."

Airport trucks made sure the gator stayed put, but it was clear the creature was unbothered by the giant machines around it.

Airport spokeswoman Carolyn Fennell told the Associated Press that sightings of alligators are quite common around the airport.