Spirit Airlines wants to improve its reputation.

Does Spirit Airlines have wifi?
Credit: Robert Alexander/Getty Images

Spirit Airlines has announced that it will introduce high-speed Wi-Fi on all of its planes.

Once the Wi-Fi service is installed, Spirit passengers can browse the web, follow social media, and stream videos at speeds similar to their home connections. The budget airline has chosen global technology company Thales to supply FlytLIVE Ka-band HTS (high-throughput satellite) connectivity, and the coverage area will make Wi-Fi connections available on about 97% of the airline’s flights.

“We’re thrilled to enhance the inflight Guest experience with the addition of new-generation Wi-Fi,” said Ted Christie, Spirit Airlines’ President. “By next summer, every plane in our fleet should be fully equipped to keep our guests connected in the skies.”

“We are focused on supporting Spirit’s mission and helping to shape new opportunities as we work together to provide an exceptional passenger experience,” said Dominique Giannoni, CEO of Thales InFlyt Experience.

Spirit wants to turn around its bare bones image and improve passengers' experience onboard.

“We’ll keep adding exciting new destinations, improving our check-in process, frequent flier program, and in-flight experience,” Christie said. “Our promise is to keep going, to keep improving, and to invest in our guests.”

Fittingly, one of the satellite services supplying Wi-Fi in the sky for Spirit’s new planes belongs to Hughes, a network communications company which was once owned by Hughes Aircraft, and that’s one of the Hughes companies founded by the eccentric genius Howard Hughes. The billionaire tycoon, filmmaker and pilot also founded TWA airlines, and was instrumental in the dawn of the modern jet age and the introduction of in-flight entertainment on planes.