Spirit Airlines Airplane International Flight Services
Credit: Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Spirit Airlines, the United States’ largest low-cost carrier, is setting its sights overseas.

Spirit Airlines President and CFO Ted Christie and CEO Robert Fornaro told The Points Guy that the carrier plans to expand its international routes.

“There’s the international component of this airline, that has quite frankly been under-developed here over the last three or four years,” Christie said.

Spirit could find plenty of inspiration in international low-cost airlines like Norwegian and WOW Air, which have undercut major airlines on transatlantic flights (and motivated them to introduce basic fares).

As The Points Guy noted, Spirit Airlines — once known as “America’s most hated airline” — has greatly improved its on-time arrival rate in the last year and a half.

In addition of better reliability, the airline has also been expanding their routes to add more flights to domestic destinations like Fort Lauderdale, New Orleans, Dallas, Chicago, and Las Vegas.

Spirit Airlines already has a handful of international flights on its route schedule, including Cancún, Mexico; San Jose, Costa Rica; and Bogota, Colombia.

But Spirit intends to expand internationally only within the Caribbean and Latin America, as well as domestically, so don't count on seeing those big yellow planes in Europe anytime soon. A representative from Spirit Airlines told Travel + Leisure, "Spirit Airlines continues to focus on expanding in the U.S., Caribbean, and Latin America. There are currently no plans to expand to any other regions of the world."