Neighbors Surprise 80-year-old Woman by Singing 'Happy Birthday' From Their Windows in Spain

Windows of homes in Madrid, Spain
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A nationwide quarantine doesn’t mean people can’t still celebrate some milestones.

A video posted on Instagram from the account, Good News Movement, shows how a community in Spain came together to help cheer up a woman in quarantine.

Over the weekend, the Spanish government declared a state of emergency and announced a lockdown across the nation, only allowing citizens to leave their homes for essential tasks like getting food and medicine or visiting a relative, according to the Washington Post. This is similar to the quarantine restrictions in Italy.

Charo, who was celebrating her 80th birthday, was surprised by a small birthday cake when she came to her apartment door. Her neighbor, who apparently took the video, seems to be on a platform or stairs, a good, safe distance away so as not to potentially spread the coronavirus.

The neighbor can be heard saying, “It’s for you—come on out. we all got this for you: We are all out on the patio. Go and say hi. Come look,” according to the Instagram account, Good News Movement.

Charo peeked outside to apparently see several of her other neighbors. From the sound on the video, it seemed like people were serenading Charo with a rendition of “Happy Birthday” from their own windows.

This heartwarming moment is not unlike another video taken on March 12 that shows people singing from their windows on a street in Siena, Italy.

Elsewhere in Spain, other quarantined citizens are learning to pass the time and even socialize with their neighbors from a safe distance. According to the Independent, a fitness instructor from Seville, Spain led a community exercise routine from his rooftop.

In Mallorca, a DJ also decided to celebrate his birthday by playing an impromptu gig from his rooftop. His neighbors also chimed in by singing “Happy Birthday” to him, according to The Olive Press.

It’s always good to see a community coming together.

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