How to travel to the moon
Credit: Juergen Kozok/EyeEm/Getty Images

While lovers have long sung about flying to the moon, historically, it’s only been possible for 24 people. And while a space mission remains an improbability for most of us, it may soon be possible for people to fly around the moon.

Space Adventures, a Virginia-based space and aeronautics company, is offering a “circumlunar mission” to those who can afford it.

Those on the lunar mission will come within 60 miles of the moon’s surface — the closest anybody has been since 1972, according to the company.

Voyagers around the moon will first board a rocket to the International Space Station (ISS). The space travelers will spend 10 days at the ISS to acclimate to the astral conditions. The mission is limited to two passengers and one professional cosmonaut.

From the ISS, passengers board a second rocket with a lunar module. This rocket will take space travelers to see the “illuminated far-side of the Moon and then witness the amazing sight of the Earth rising above the surface of the Moon” before returning back to Earth.

Space Adventures expects to begin its circumlunar missions “in the early 2020s.”

It goes without saying that a trip into space doesn’t come cheap. Space Adventures has not disclosed a price for the mission, saying that the cost “depends on the vehicle you choose, the timing and the exact mission profile.” However, seeing that people are already paying $250,000 for six weightless minutes in space, a two-week mission will likely cost much, much more.