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Credit: rypson/Getty Images

If there’s one thing everyone hates at the airport (and everywhere else), it’s waiting in line.

And we have to wait in a considerable amount of lines while we’re there: check-in lines, baggage lines, security lines (the worst of all), bathroom lines, food lines, and especially the giant, random cluster of people waiting to board their plane. Which is technically a line as well.

Airlines know this about us, which is why some have capitalized on finding ways to charge for the privilege of never having to wait. According to, it’s definitely paid off for Southwest.

Southwest Airlines’ “Early Bird Check In,” a fee of about $15, increases your chances of getting into their first boarding group, and considering that Southwest has general seating instead of assigned seats, being first makes all the difference. This is why lots of people who fly Southwest pay for this service.

According to, Southwest brought in $358 million last year alone, just with selling Early Bird Check In.