The flight continued to its destination later

A Southwest Airlines passenger jet moves off the runway and onto the C terminal at Denver International Airport on April 16, 2017, in Denver, Colorado. Located 25 miles from downtown, Denver International Airport, a United Airlines hub, has become one the largest airport in the United States.
| Credit: George Rose/Getty Images

A coffee maker has been determined as the source of fumes that forced a Southwest Airlines flight to make an emergency landing this week.

The Southwest flight from Orlando to Houston landed at Pensacola International Airport on Tuesday after fumes were reported from the back of the plane, the Pensacola News Journal reported. The incident was later linked to a coffee maker in the cabin.

All passengers and flight crew were safely removed from the flight at the time, and emergency medical services were also present at the scene as a precaution. The flight eventually continued to Houston once the situation was deemed safe and the smell of fumes was linked to the coffee maker, according to the News Journal.

“Safety is always our top priority at Southwest Airlines, and we appreciate the patience of our customers during today’s diversion,” Southwest spokesperson Brian Parrish told Fox News in a statement.

The detour did not cause any delays.