By Andrea Romano
March 05, 2019
Southwest Airlines
Credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images

Losing your luggage can be incredibly stressful for any traveler, but it makes it all the more difficult when you lose something important.

Often, airlines get a bad rap for making mistakes or being slow and unresponsive to losing a customer’s luggage, but then there are those miraculous moments when an airline truly saves the day — like when a flight attendant personally delivered frozen breast milk to a mom who forgot it on the flight.

And luckily for one bridesmaid, Southwest Airlines was there to be a hero, according to USA Today.

On Thursday, Taylor Kenney tweeted to the airline after her friend accidentally forgot her bridesmaid dress at home, asking if they could deliver the dress on a flight the next morning.

Not even two hours later, the airline tweeted back, clearly happy to help, saying, “We like where your head’s at. Mind sending us a DM with her info?”

On Friday, Kenney happily tweeted that the dress was safe and sound at Hobby Airport in Houston, where another friend, Rachel Turner, dropped it off to take a flight to Costa Rica. A Southwest employee was apparently ready to take the dress off her hands.

Turner told TODAY Style, “I just never thought that this would come together like it did. Good things happen to good people and Grayleigh is one of the most selfless people I know. The fact that this all worked out the way it did, it speaks volumes.”

According to WTHR, Southwest even posted updates, including a special “dress tracker,” to let Kenney and her friends know the dress was on its way.

Grayleigh Oppermann, the bridesmaid in question, told TODAY Style that she was, “sick to [her] stomach,” at the thought of losing the dress. Oppermann was getting ready to serve as a bridesmaid at her sister’s wedding.

Southwest Airlines said in a statement to USA Today that it “knew we had to say yes to the dress,” when they saw Kenney’s tweet.

“Our social team jumped into action and coordinated with our local Houston Team to meet a friend of the bridesmaid in time to get the dress on a flight to Costa Rica today. This bridesmaid story has a happy ending, and we’re thrilled to play a part in making this special day a success,” Southwest said in a statement.

Kenney and Turner actually sent over two dresses: one white bridesmaid dress and other striped dress, as some Twitter users pointed out.

“Cause if you're sending one dress, might as well send two, right?,” said Southwest in a tweet.