The passengers had to use emergency inflatable slides to exit the plane.

A Southwest Airlines flight had to make an emergency landing in New Mexico on Sunday night after smoke was reported in the main cabin of the aircraft.

The Boeing 737 was en route to Dallas from Phoenix when it had to be diverted to Albuquerque, due to what could have been an electrical fire, according to NBC 4 New York.

Two people from flight 3562 were taken to a local hospital, but their condition is still unknown, a tweet from the Albuquerque Fire Department said.

Passengers also tweeted about their unexpected experience on the Southwest flight, with one user writing that he was helping catch people who came down the inflatable slide from the wing.

Another person on board was a Dallas police officer who tweeted his approval of the captain and crew's handling of the emergency situation.

Most passengers on the original flight made it to Dallas’ Love Field Monday morning, CBS Dallas Fort-Worth reported.

Southwest reacted to the emergency landing in statement reported by NBC 4 New York, which explained that the flight diverted "after our Crew noted an unusual smell the cabin."

The statement said, "The Captain declared an emergency to receive priority handling from air traffic controllers after deviating from the filed flight plan. After safely landing, 140 passengers evacuated the aircraft on a clear taxiway. Initial reports indicate five Customers requested assessment by medical personnel. Our People in Albuquerque worked to get Customers onboard another aircraft to continue their journey to Dallas. The diverted aircraft will remain in Albuquerque until our Mechanics inspect and clear its return to service."