Southwest Airlines is expanding its service in the midwest, adding five daily nonstop routes to its schedule starting in the fall.

Two of Southwest’s new nonstop routes will be from its hub in Houston to Columbus, Ohio, and Louisville, Kentucky. The airline will also begin nonstop flights between Denver and Memphis. The new routes are scheduled to begin in October.

There will also be two more, weekend-only routes, between Nashville and Oklahoma City, and Denver and El Paso.

In addition, the carrier is amping up its presence in Phoenix, where it projects to see the most growth.

“This additional service continues our purpose of getting customers to the places that matter most to them with our friendly, reliable, and low-cost air travel,” said Craig Drew, Southwest's Senior Vice President of Air Operations, in a statement.

The new routes should offer travelers across the country more affordable flight options. To see prices, check the airline's low fare calendar. (Southwest limits third parties' access to its fare data, so the best way to search is directly on the airline's website.)

Seasonal routes are also coming back to Southwest’s schedule in the fall and winter, including Albany, New York, to Las Vegas (beginning October 3); Cleveland to Orlando and Milwaukee to Fort Myers (beginning October 6); and Oakland to Tucson (beginning October 7).