Sofia Vergara Has a Secret Island Hideaway and No One Knows Where It Is

"Casa Chipi Chipi" remains a (very beautiful) mystery.

Sofia Vergara on Vacation
Photo: @sofiavergara via Instagram

Being jealous of actress Sofia Vergara is easy: She’s one of the highest-paid people on television, a beautiful human being, and also happens to be married to equally good-looking actor Joe Manganiello. But, just to make us even more bitter, Vergara is also vacationing in an undisclosed tropical destination this week and is showing off every perfect detail on social media.

Over the last few days, Vergara has been posting photos from "Casa Chipi Chipi," a beachside wonderland that she’s visited more than once but has never shared the location of. However, judging by the crystal-blue waters, lush greenery, and seaplanes, we know it's the definition of paradise.

In the first of the series of images, Vergara shared a family dinner photo which included her husband, her son Manolo, her Modern Family co-star Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and his husband, Justin Mikita.

Next, she shared a photo of the foursome enjoying lunch at an idyllic thatched roof restaurant.

Of course, she also shared a sexy snap of her and her husband going in for a kiss on the beach at night.

Next, Vergara shared the group’s boating excursion on what looked to be a picture-perfect day.

And on Monday, Vergara shared a goodbye post to Jesse and Justin as they flew off from Chipi Chipi in a seaplane.

Though Vergara didn’t reveal where this gorgeous place really is, you can find your own warm weather paradise with our list of the best islands in the Caribbean, Bermuda, and the Bahamas.

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