Child holding snake
Credit: Peter Chadwick/Getty Images

There are cat cafés, dog cafés, sheep cafés, and even goat yoga for people to get their fix of furry animal companionship whenever they like in major cities all over the world.

But what about the people out there who have love for the reptilian kind, or are just allergic to dander? It’s time to head to Tokyo.

Snake lovers can go to the Tokyo Snake Center, in the Harajuku district, to hang out with over 20 different species of scaly friends.

The snake center has over 35 snakes, according to The Independent, that guests can choose to be their table companion as they sip on their favorite teas and coffees or enjoy a delicious pastry. Naturally, the cafe has very strict rules regarding handling the snakes at the table, which the waiters are happy to assist with.

In order to enjoy an afternoon of tea and snakes, the cover for the snake center is Y1,000 (about $9 USD), which includes a drink and a chance to meet your new, slithery friend with a trained attendant — and a photo shoot. For an extra $5, you can even pet the snake.

The drink menu includes non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, ranging from teas, coffees, matcha, beer and sangria. They also serve cakes and pastries as well as light lunch fare likes hot dogs and quiche.

For those who are not fans of fuzzy puppies and kittens, this might be the perfect place to find that special bond with the animal kingdom. And get brunch while you’re at it.