SnackNation knows that snacks make everything better.

Work-From-Home Wellness Box offering from SnackNation
Credit: Courtesy of SnackNation

Working from home can be hard on your physical and mental health, but it can also be hunger-inducing.

As the spread of COVID-19, a.k.a. coronavirus, forces more and more employees to work from home (if they are lucky enough to have jobs that allow this), some employers may wonder how to support their staff through this difficult time beyond offering a paycheck and benefits.

The answer: snacks.

Snack food company SnackNation is offering a Work-From-Home Wellness Box for employers who want to send their teams a treat. Not only is this an amazing way to boost morale, but it can also be a good way to keep productivity up. A happy employee is a productive employee, after all.

“Companies across the U.S. are facing extraordinary challenges without a playbook, and we knew we had to act quickly,” said SnackNation CEO Sean Kelly in a statement. “Our members told us that they are struggling to maintain a sense of continuity and business-as-usual during this period of disruption and uncertainty. Our Work-from-Home Wellness Boxes are designed to do exactly that, helping companies stay connected to their teams while fueling employees to continue to do great work no matter where they happen to be.”

Employers can choose between two types of boxes. The first is a 15-item Snack Box that includes many different delicious (and healthy) snacks, including nutrition bars, jerky, chips, granola, and even a few sweets. The second box not only gives you 12 snack items but also a 12-ounce bag of premium ground coffee from Palindrome Coffee Company.

SnackNation is dedicated to providing tasty but still healthy, “better-for-you” snacks.

According to its website, the company has curated boxes of over 5,000 health-conscious snack brands like Baked Lays, Sun Chips, Pop Chips, Bear Naked, Hu, and many more. Not every box is the same, so you get a new experience every time. Snack Nation can also accommodate different allergies or diets, offering gluten-free, vegan, and dairy-free options.

In addition to providing a boost to their teams, employers are also doing some good around the world. For every box sold, SnackNation also donates one meal to families in need thanks to their partnership with Feeding America. Companies that already use Snack Nation can also opt to have their in-office snacks donated to local food banks. Snack Nation is also donating 500,000 snacks to food banks who have seen decreases donations as a result of the outbreak, according to a company statement.

In order to get started on sending your remote employees a snack box, visit the SnackNation website. Boxes will be individually sent to employees’ homes for extra convenience.