Three cows pose in a field
Credit: Romy Arroyo Fernandez/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Have you ever thought about quitting your job, leaving your home, and running away to a deserted island forever? If so, you’re not alone, because one cow in Poland was likely thinking the same thing when she ran away from a farm and swam off to an island instead.

According to the BBC, a female cow set for slaughter escaped her farm home by ramming a fence and swimming to a Polish island known as Lake Nyskie.

The cow, the BBC noted, was being led toward a truck that would bring her to the slaughter house. She seemed to sense this was her one chance to escape and so she used all of her might to get away from her handlers. In fact, she was so forceful she broke a farm worker’s arm and bruised his ribs.

When the cow was finally located on the island, she immediately hid from her owner there as well. "I saw her diving under water," her owner, only identified as Mr. Lukasz, said.

After the failed attempt to capture her, Mr. Lukasz gave up and began bringing food to the island for the cow instead.

Some in the community have called for the animal to be euthanized. However, a local politician by the name of Pawel Kukiz said there is no way the “hero cow” will be killed. In a Facebook post, Kukiz noted that "if all citizens have shown such determination as this cow" Poland would be much better off.

At least for now, the cow gets to enjoy her quiet island solitude and live out our collective fantasy of running away to a deserted island, filled with food, to be left alone forever with no responsibilities.