Some extreme sports can get a little too extreme.


Skiers at Silvretta Montafon in Austria on Wednesday maybe realized they bit off a little more than they could chew as they rode the ski lift up the mountainside.

As massive, icy winds started to blow, the lift chair started to sway back and forth — severely — which is basically any skier’s nightmare no matter how unafraid of heights they are.

According to the Facebook post of the video, resorts in the Austrian Alps are understandably not running ski lifts because of the blustery conditions.

While the U.S. deals with its “bomb cyclone” that has hammered the east coast with snow and bitterly cold temperatures, parts of Europe are feeling their own version of horrible winter weather in the form of Winter Storm Eleanor.

Why anyone would want to ski rather than sit by the fire with hot chocolate at this moment is beyond us. There’s still plenty of winter time left to find fresh powder.