Italy's Mount Etna Volcano Erupted Again — See the Stunning Photos

Mount Etna is the highest and most active volcano in Italy.

A photo shows a new eruption at Etna Volcano in Catania, Italy on Febrıary 10, 2022.
Photo: Salvatore Allegra/Getty Images

The brilliant glow from bright orange lava filled the sky last week as Italy's Mount Etna erupted, creating a mesmerizing and dramatic scene.

The volcano — the highest and most active in Europe — erupted late Thursday, filling the sky on Sicily's east coast with a dazzling light, Reuters reported. The 3,330-meter-high volcano can erupt a few times a year with the last major eruption recorded in 1992.

Thursday's show occurred on the volcano's southeastern crater at about 2,900 meters high, Reuters reported, citing Italy's National Institute for Geophysics and Volcanology. There were no injuries reported.

Photos of the event showed a plume of smoke rising from the volcano, glowing bright orange in the night sky. Streams of lava flowed down from the top and could be seen from nearby Catania, Italy.

The eruption was so big, it created a volcanic storm complete with bolts of lightning, a rare event that can occur when an eruption is particularly powerful or if the volcano is located near the sea, CBS News reported. This latest eruption sent ash shooting more than 6 miles into the air above sea level.

A photo shows a new eruption at Etna Volcano in Catania, Italy on Febrıary 10, 2022.
Salvatore Allegra/Getty Images

Last February, Mount Etna put on another show, shooting out a 3,200-foot high lava fountain at one point.

While Mount Etna can frequently erupt (and has been doing so since at least 425 B.C.) travelers who head to Italy can actually take a cable car to a station on Mount Etna and hike along several trails. While there, vacationers can take advantage of the area's new luxury hotels and top-notch wine scene.

And for those who can't make it to the area in person, they will be able to take in impressive views of Mount Etna and the surrounding Ionian Sea in the new season of HBO's The White Lotus, which will be filmed at Sicily's Four Seasons San Domenico Palace.

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