New living concept SETT will give you access to apartments in five cities for the price of one.
Credit: Courtesy of SETT/Fancycrave via Pexels

By 2035, the world is expected to be filled with digital nomads. In fact, by some estimates, there could be as many as one billion people living and working from anywhere around the globe.

With the rise of technology and the ever-growing lust for international travel, it’s no surprise that more and more people are picking up and leaving the 9-to-5 cubicle life behind for good.

And sure, the prospect of just walking out the door and heading straight for an entirely new adventure seems highly romantic, but there’s still plenty to think about as a digital wanderer. First and foremost is figuring out your home base. Thankfully, there are now companies, like Roam or Remote Year, looking to cater to this generation of nomadic workers.

The newest to enter the game, SETT, is a flexible, one-stop shop for housing across the globe.

“I moved out of the country at age 22 and since then I have developed a new relationship with home,” Sara Klaben Avrahami, co-founder of SETT, told Travel + Leisure. “I feel at home in my rented apartment in Tel Aviv, in New York City, back in Ohio where I grew up, in London, in Mumbai and so many more places that I have spent time in over the past few years.”

At some point, Klaben Avrahami said, she started to look at the definition of “home” a little differently, one that made her feel “less stuck in one place and more free to adapt to and accept new homes.”

So she created SETT, a platform that allows entrepreneurs and nomads to “bounce around between fully stocked apartments in any of our cities, whenever you want.”

For a flat fee of $2,900 a month a member can use any of the one-bedroom apartments in the network, which currently includes Barcelona, Berlin, London, New York City, and Tel Aviv, and will hopefully be in five new markets by the end of the year. The fee also covers all utilities and maintenance, meaning you never have to worry about setting up your cable ever again.

Credit: Courtesy of SETT/Tal Nisim/STIL via Unsplash

“Each apartment has been selected for its central location, consistency in terms of size/amenities, comfort level, and authentic design,” Klaben Avrahami told T+L. “The most important thing to us is that each apartment makes our members feel at home in every new place.”

Members, she added, can stay as long as they’d like in each of the company’s apartments.

“So the idea is that you can stay in New York City for two weeks, head over to Tel Aviv to get some sun for a month, visit Barcelona for a week, and hop over to Berlin for a meeting for a few days.”

Right now, SETT is experimenting with the program, meaning you can only sign up for the six month pilot program, but you can divide your time however you’d like.

So if you’re a consultant who works remotely, an entrepreneur with your own digital drop shipping business, or a project manager who works for a large remote company, this could be the living situation you’ve been looking for — or maybe just the inspiration you needed to make the entire globe your home.