Puppies delivered at Tampa International Airport

Some special bundles of joy arrived at Tampa International Airport last week when a service dog gave birth to eight puppies in the middle of the terminal.

The yellow lab, named Ellie, was traveling with her two owners, a mother and daughter, and another service dog when she unexpectedly went into labor as they were heading to a flight to Philadelphia, Fox News reported.

According to an airport spokesperson, the mother knew her dog was pregnant, but was not sure when the puppies were due.

The first seven puppies, all males, were swiftly and easily delivered. Tampa Fire Rescue’s medical team helped Ellie give birth to the eighth puppy, a female. Nugget, the family’s other service dog and dad to Ellie’s litter, stood nearby during the delivery.

Ellie and her new pups are all healthy and recovering well. Naturally, the scene drew a big crowd at the gate, and fellow travelers cheered on the arrival of each new puppy.

The family unfortunately missed their flight and will have to make new travel arrangements to accommodate the newborn puppies, since they are too young to fly. But it’s a relatively small inconvenience when you have such an adorable, if a bit large, family.