EasyHotel UK Budget Lodging
Credit: LEX VAN LIESHOUT/AFP/Getty Images

Romance is all about going the extra mile. And sometimes that extra mile requires some self-assembly.

U.K. budget hotel chain easyHotel is offering couples at their Croydon, England, property a “self-assemble four-poster addition” to its beds as a special promotion for Valentine’s Day.

For £5 (about $7 USD), the four-poster addition, when fully installed, forms a structure that is topped with a vinyl pink canopy and orange chiffon-like curtains. It looks a bit more like a tent than a romantic bed canopy, but it’s the thought that counts.

According to the Daily Mail, in order to fit the canopy over the bed for Valentine’s Day bliss, the kit has an expandable metal frame that the curtains simply slip over. So, it’s less like putting together an IKEA bed. Which is probably best, for romance's sake.

The hotel is also offering “bedside bubbly,” which is actually just a bottle of Fanta, and Terry's Chocolate Orange — this is a budget hotel, after all.

“There's no beginning to the steps we will take to add extra romantic touches to our guests' experience at easyHotel,” Jorge Rodriguez, the “romantic experience coordinator” at easyHotel, said in a statement. “With a little imagination and a bit of elbow grease, guests can transform their rooms into romantic havens. This, combined with the bedside bottle of bubbly, will no doubt be irresistible for some.”

Rooms at easyHotel begin at £19.99 (just over $27) per night, which might be the most romantic perk of all, considering Americans collectively will spend $19.6 billion on Valentine’s Day.