Aerial view of an island, Shetland Islands, Scotland
Credit: Getty Images

Seclusion is the ultimate luxury — for those who can afford it.

And although the two words “private island” may conjure images of unspoiled beaches, those who prefer a colder climate can throw their money at seclusion closer to the North Pole.

There’s a private Scottish island called Linga for sale located on the west side of Shetland in Vaila Sound. Fahad Vladi, of Vladi Private Islands (who is selling Linga) told the Daily Mailthat the island “is not so far out that you would have a problem getting there.” However, the 65-acre island has been completely uninhabited since 1934.

The future owner of the island will have to do some work if they want to make it a livable place. At the moment, the island only has two dilapidated cottages. However some of the prep work for building has already been taken care of.

Shetland has very strict building laws, but the island’s previous owners have already secured planning permissions for new agricultural buildings, a new cottage, and renovation of the existing buildings. The new owners will also be able to build a pier, storage shed, reception area, and windmill, if they so choose.

The island is available for offers starting at $352,400 (£250,000) — which, as far as private islands go, may be a steal.

But buying a private island is a commitment that future owners should seriously consider. Those who want a private island experience with none of the responsibility can rent out their own for a temporary stay — starting as low as $100 per night.