Scottish Airbnb Host Gets a Rude Awakening When She Finds Over 23 Extra Guests Camping in Her Garden

"The place was left in absolute shambles," the Airbnb host said.

An Airbnb host in the Scottish Highlands recently faced her worst nightmare. After booking a group of seven for her holiday cottage, she was shocked to find that over 23 additional guests showed up as well.

Sheri Murphy and her husband, Martin, were notified by a neighbor that there were 12 cars parked in the driveway of their cottage. Knowing that this was more than what was listed on the booking, the Murphys made their way to the home to check things out. What they found on arrival was shocking. Tents had been pitched across the home's garden and belongings were "strewn" around, including a long sword and axe.

Single track road entering Glen Etive with the Buachaille Etive Mor on the right. Scottish Highlands.
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"It was unbelievable, such a shock," Sheri Murphy told the Daily Record. "They had taken my furniture into the garden, there was a bench from the kitchen there, and cushions from the sofa. We had a look through the windows and Martin said there was a big long sword on the bed. The furniture in the lounge was all piled up, they had taken the mirrors off the walls and there was a big axe on the table outside."

The cottage keeper told the Murphys that around 30 to 40 men were seen "praying on the beach," according to the outlet. The Murphys suspect it was a religious gathering, especially after finding the axe and sword.

Police were contacted in an effort to get the group off of the property. After three hours, the men finally vacated, leaving behind the tents, as well as their shoes and clothes.

"The place was left in absolute shambles," Sheri said.

Airbnb was notified and extended assistance to the Murphys. The men were ultimately banned from the platform.

"Unauthorized events are banned on Airbnb and we have zero tolerance for violations," a spokesperson for Airbnb told The Independent.

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