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Saturday Night Fever is alive again in Brooklyn for one night only.
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It’s been 40 years since Saturday Night Fever hit screens on Dec. 13, 1977. So, naturally, it’s time to disco.

One of the movie’s most iconic locations is the 2001 Odyssey Club, a former disco that has been home to Chinese restaurant Bamboo Garden for many years. It's opening its beloved dance floor for one night only on Wednesday. A disco ball will be spinning, polyester will be glistening, and the club’s original DJs, Monti Rock and Ralphie Dee, will be on deck.

Saturday Night Fever is alive again in Brooklyn for one night only.
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The film, which was shot in Brooklyn, features a number of neighborhood landmarks — like Lenny’s, the Bensonhurst pizzeria that was the real star of the opening scene and is catering tonight’s event — that are remembered in movie tours and guidebooks to this day.

Saturday Night Fever is alive again in Brooklyn for one night only.
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Bay Ridge, historically an Italian and Irish neighborhood and main character Tony Manero’s stomping ground, has become more ethnically and economically diverse over the years — and, of course, disco has gone the way of the dodo. But hundreds of neighborhood residents and former 2001 Odyssey staffers are thrilled to come together and remember the Brooklyn that was.

Seventies stars and neighborhood fixtures will be in attendance, with performances by disco mavens Carol Douglas, the cowboy from the Village People, and members of the Trammps reviving their classic, “Disco Inferno.” Cast members including Karen Lynn Gorney, who played Stephanie Mangano (girlfriend of John Travolta’s Tony), will join Borough President Eric Adams and City Councilman Robert Cornegy as they don their leisure suits in celebration.

Saturday Night Fever Tonight
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The person responsible for this disco fever reenactment is Gianluca Mech, an Italian millionaire who claims to have seen the film more than 30 times. The New York Post reports that he dropped a cool $200,000 to recreate this childhood fantasy, commissioning a bespoke white three-piece suit from Dolce and Gabbana.