It looks so real you can almost feel the mist.

According to a 2018 study published in Scientific Reports, spending just two hours in nature every week could provide a boost to your health. Sounds great if you live in a woodland forest, not so great if you live in a concrete jungle like New York City. But, luckily for those stuck between skyscrapers, Samsung is here to deliver something rather refreshing.

In late July, the technology company unveiled "Waterfall-NYC (2021)," an art installation in partnership with d'strict in the heart of Times Square. Thanks to some rather high-definition screens built by Samsung, the installation made it appear as if a massive waterfall was gushing down the side of a building, straight onto the street below.

Waterfall-NYC art installation in Times Square
Credit: Courtesy of Samsung

According to Samsung, the installation was part of a larger collaboration as the brand seeks to "increase its focus on the digital art world." The company added, it will continue to work with d'strict to develop a variety of content to "showcase further digital artwork while providing important information to customers and viewers."

"I am really excited to partner with d'strict to showcase their amazing visual creativity via the power of our unique displays," Harry Patz, SVP and GM of Samsung's Display Division, previously shared in a statement. "The cascading waterfall takes advantage of our vertical signage offering, which incorporates three screens at the bottom connected to one at the top to provide an immersive and compelling visual experience. The display has the highest peak brightness (9000 nits) of any in the industry, allowing visitors to enjoy vivid artwork even in bright daylight."

In total, Samsung explained, the waterfall clocked in at 350-feet and used four vertical screens taking up some 11,639 square feet of space when combined.

Didn't make it to NYC to see it for yourself? Check out the video above to get a sense of the rushing Times Square art installation now.