After a series of delays on a New Year’s flight to Malaga Airport, one Ryanair passenger decided that he had enough — and opened the emergency exit and sat on the aircraft’s wing.

The flight arrived in Malaga, Spain about 40 minutes late from London Stansted and continued taxiing around the airport for a half-hour. Passengers onboard the flight said that they were told why taxiing was taking particularly long.

During the length taxi, the passenger went out the emergency exit and sat on the airplane wing, going back inside the aircraft once because he forgot his carry-on baggage.

Video footage captured by another passenger show the evacuee walking across the airplane wing and sitting down as the aircraft drove across the tarmac.

The passenger who was seated next to the man told the Daily Mail that he “was suffering from asthma” and exited the plane because he “needed air.” A fellow passenger reported that the man tried to jump off the airplane wing, but was dissuaded by grounds staff. The man came back inside the aircraft and exited out the front door with the rest of the passengers.

Airline crew held the man until Spain’s Guardia Civil came to deal with the infraction, Ryanair said in a statement. The man is expected to pay at least a four-figure fine for opening the emergency exit.