Even if you didn't book a hotel room yet, you can still celebrate the historic day in the U.K. in style.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle engagement photos
Credit: Alexi Lubomirski/Kensington Palace

On May 19, the couple that has taken social media by storm are due to wed.

Their official venue is St. George’s Chapel, about an hour outside London in the royal family’s residence at Windsor Castle — but there’s arguably no better place to experience the pomp, circumstance, and frisson of national pride than the capital.

Royal events like this can tend to shut down the city and put the tourism sector into overdrive. If you haven’t booked your hotels by now — well, you probably never will. But there are other options for traveling to jolly old England and experiencing the wedding bells excitement firsthand: an all-inclusive tour, like the May itineraries from tour operator CIE Tours International (which has been operating in the British Isles for over 80 years) that will bring you to London.

Those planning their own Royal Wedding-season vacations might run up against booked-up hotels and overpriced flights. But a tour operator like CIE has prices locked in for their all-inclusive tours (from $1,990) — meaning less stress and more reveling in the magic of Meghan and Harry.

Windsor Castle England United Kingdom
Credit: Courtesy of CIE Tours

Trips that are timed to be in London for the wedding day will include special viewing parties and programming about royal wedding traditions and the significance of these events in British society. Options available during wedding season include the quintessential Best of Britain itinerary, as well as other itineraries that incorporate a detour to Ireland or an emphasis on the region’s rock and roll legacy. And, of course, the tours will be packed with royal history and visits to the castles of Windsor, Edinburgh, Alnwick, and more.

If you’re as excited for the royal wedding as the internet seems to be, this might be the excuse you need to get yourself to London for the historic British-American union.