Who says royals can’t have fun?

On Tuesday night, Prince William and Kate Middleton showed just how fun-loving and care-free the British royal family can be when they went to sit and watch the the annual Royal Variety Show.

Not only did they heartily laugh along at all the jokes, but as William demonstrated, they also were more than happy to get in on the action, even with live television cameras rolling.

When the show’s host, Miranda Hart, looked up into the theater’s audience and pointed squarely at Prince William and had an adorable child ask if he’d join in their “horsey” dance, we doubt she expected the royal to actually do it. But do it he did, and he did it well.

William proudly stood up, and with a full grin on his face, began to gallop with the children. And he did so at what appeared to be a full gallop (or an exuberant trot to say the least). Next to him, the Duchess of Cambridge could barely control her laughter and clapped along with her husband’s, um, performance.

Flushed and bleary-eyed from laughter, the prince then sat down to continue watching the show.

According to Hart, who spoke to ITV after the event, she “did apologize to him at the end and he said he’d practice his galloping.”

But with two young children at home we’re sure the Prince gets plenty of practice at playing pretend. Perhaps little Prince George and Princess Charlotte are even fans of dancing with their dad.

At the very least, we now know which royal will be hitting the dance floor when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle get married on May 18.