Suitcase Outside of Airplane Window
Credit: Getty Images

On Tuesday, flight attendant Michael Orsini was eating lunch at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport when he noticed a peculiar sight: a rolling suitcase making a break for it.

As soon as grounds crew stopped monitoring it, the renegade suitcase picked up speed and rolled away. It spun in delight past several aircraft between the airport’s D and E concourses. It kept rolling and rolling past airport gates in an inspiring search for freedom:

Somebody driving a truck approached and for a moment it appeared that the suitcase’s freewheeling minutes were numbered. But the driver of the truck didn’t throw a second glance at the suitcase and it continued rolling across the tarmac.

“Right when we thought it was coming to stop, it picked back up and went out of the camera frame,” Orsini told Travel + Leisure. “Not sure how much further it went, but it was the most entertaining thing of the day.”

It’s unclear if the suitcase was ever returned to its proper flight or if it’s still at large, rolling down the highways of Atlanta in search of adventure.

Instances of bags attempting jailbreaks are not new. Last year, a suitcase nearly managed to escape London Heathrow Airport. It was blown almost 600 feet by engine draft until panicked grounds crew ran and apprehended the bag.

Hartsfield-Jackson did not immediately respond to Travel + Leisure’s request for comment.